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Welcome to JDE Tables.com

The home of table descriptions for Oracle's Enterprise Resource Planning system, JD Edwards

If there's one thing we thought was missing online - it's reference material for Oracle's superb Enterprise Resource Planning system, JD Edwards - namely table definitions/descriptions! Knowing table structure is critical if you're developing applications or writing reports, and is also useful for general users too in gaining a deeper understanding of the systems they use. In the interests of helping others, we've set about collecting this information and grouping it altogether to provide an easy, simple and free resource to assist you, the community of JD Edwards users, support technicians, consultants and developers, with a better understanding of Oracle's flagship product.

920: Top 5 requests

1F4211SD26819Sales Order Detail FileTransaction Files42: Sales Management
2F4101IM2098Item MasterMaster Files41: Inventory ManagementBusiness Data
3F0101AB9515Address Book MasterMaster Files01: Address Book
4F0411RP14715Accounts Payable LedgerTransaction Files04: Accounts PayableBusiness Data
5F4102IB17613Item Branch FileSecondary Master Files41: Inventory ManagementBusiness Data

910: Top 5 requests

1F0011WIC101F0011W - WF - Batch To DetailFiles09: General Accounting
2F4211SD26817Sales Order Detail FileTransaction Files42: Sales Management
3F4101IM2098Item MasterMaster Files41: Inventory ManagementBusiness Data
4F0101AB9515Address Book MasterMaster Files01: Address Book
5F0911GL14126Account LedgerTransaction Files09: General AccountingBusiness Data

812: Top 5 requests

1F0911GL13425Account LedgerTransaction Files09: General AccountingAS400 Coexistence Tables
2F0101AB9514Address Book MasterMaster Files01: Address BookBusiness Data
3F4211SD25415Sales Order Detail FileTransaction Files42: Sales ManagementAS400 Coexistence Tables
4F4311PD21810Purchase Order Detail FileTransaction Files43: ProcurementAS400 Coexistence Tables
5F0411RP14215Accounts Payable LedgerTransaction Files04: Accounts PayableAS400 Coexistence Tables
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